Meet The Experts

George Vroustouris


George Vroustouris, is a seasoned entrepreneur, spanning three decades in the communications technology field. His B2B firms produced corporate video, digital media, web marketing, and online business software. 

During the last decade, much of his focus was in data management, analysis, and cyber security, where he first recognized our rapid trade off of privacy and security, for technical access and convenience. 
This trend turned George’s focus on the virtual media revolution, big data, the dark web, and the seemingly endless data collection and sharing in social networks. 

As a Nationally Certified Identity Protection Advisor® (CIPA), UIT trainer, public speaker, and adjunct instructor at Harper College, George starts every day studying the identity theft crisis, cyber risks, and issues around our privacy rights. 

George believes we all have the right to privacy and we deserve the peace of mind that our personal data is protected. He provides his community and his clients with the vetted resources, protection and comprehensive training needed, to secure and manage their identity, reputation and digital assets.

Ed Haag


Ed Haag, owner of E. Haag & Associates, a management consulting group since 1999. Having had his identity first stolen in 2003, Ed recognized the severity of the issue and began his in depth study of this crime. He became a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) through the Institute of Consumer Financial Education, one of only 25 CITRMS listed consultants in Illinois. As a recognized national expert in the Identity Theft field, he can serve as an expert witness. Ed realized early in this endeavor that this crime would penetrate the work place through employee behavior. As a former CEO with over 800 employees, he understands and has dealt with behaviors in the work environment. In addition, Ed has an insurance license in Illinois and several other states which gives him an understanding of the cyber insurance market. He also has been a sales associate and member of LegalShield since 1999.