The Areas Of Identity Theft

It's not just financial fraud

Medical Records

Are you sure? Even in an Emergency? One of the more serious consequences of Identity Theft is inaccuracy in your medical records. When someone else poses as you, their medical history (ie: allergies or lack of allergies) can be appended to your files. In the heat of a medical crisis, the last thing you want is inaccuracy in your medical records.

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Criminal Records & Arrest

You may think you have a clean record but when someone else uses your name, you may find out the hard way. There may be warrants in your name in places you've never been and suddenly a routine traffic stop becomes a nightmare.

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Tax Fraud & IRS Audit

When someone uses your identity for their own tax filings, you may find yourself in quite a predicament. From someone else receiving your tax refund to having to deal with an arduous IRS Audit, the headaches from this type of Identity Theft can last quite some time.

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Financial Fraud

It may be the most well known type of Identity Theft but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Your bank may help with fraudulent charges on your accounts but there is more to do to ensure the security of your finances.

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