Area of Identity Theft
Criminal Records & Arrest

You may not have done it, but how long will it take to convince them?

An Identity Thief steals your identity
and goes on a crime spree. Even after you clear things up, the damage to your reputation will be done.

Criminal Background Check

You apply for a new job and everything goes great. Then they do a background check and it all falls apart. Even after you clear things up, that opportunity is already lost.

Traffic Stop Nightmare

A simple traffic stop for speeding can turn into a nightmare when it turns out there is a warrant for your immediate arrest. You try to explain you've never even been to that state before, but it doesn't matter.

That's Not All This is just one part of identity theft.

Inaccurate medical records may have the most potentially serious consequences of Identity Theft but it's just part of the epidemic. The other areas of Identity Theft can be just as serious. We can help you learn more about all areas of Identity Theft so you can better protect yourself and those you care about.

Medical Records

In an emergency, you don't have time
to worry if your medical records are accurate.

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Tax Fraud & IRS Audit

Whether it's your tax refund getting delayed or a full IRS Audit, you don't have time for these issues.

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Financial Fraud

Your bank may cover your credit cards
but it's not just about credit cards anymore.

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