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What is Identity Theft

The fradulent acquisition and use of an individual's personally identifiable information (PII).


Enough to steal your identity by itself

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit card numbers
  • Passport Information
  • Driver's license number
  • National identification number
  • Insurance Cards & Policy Numbers
  • Checkbooks & bank Account Numbers
  • Full name (if not common)
  • Biometric Records


Need more than one item to steal your identity

  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Birthplace
  • Mailing and Home Address
  • Military Rank & Status
  • Vehicle registration plate number
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Genetic information
  • Age, Race, Creed

So if I don't misplace something with my PII and someone doesn't take it...
then I'm safe, right?


Unfortunately not...
it could be taken without your knowing

  • Personal and company data hacks or breaches
  • Paper mail or document theft from mailbox or file folders
  • Dumpster Diving for billing or bank statements
  • Copy credit card information at retail, restaurant, etc.
  • Credit card skimmers or RFID scanners
  • PII shared publically in social media profiles
  • ...and more ways you can learn about in our workshops and classes


But if I check my accounts & records regularly for abnormal activity...
then I'm safe, right?


Sadly not...identity theives can create a Phantom Identity in your name.

Using this Phantom Identity, they can create new accounts and commit other types of fraud that you won't know about until it's too late.



Medical identity theft occurs when somebody uses your information to obtain medical treatment without your knowledge or consent. Unlike traditional identity theft that requires a social security number, this can be as simple as using your name, date of birth, and address. The dangerous thing about medical identity theft is that a hospital has to take in any emergency patients and often little attention is paid to whether the information they receive about that patient is accurate when it goes to the billing department.


Criminal Charges & Arrest

Criminal identity theft occurs when an imposter gives another person's name and personal information such as a drivers' license, date of birth, or Social Security number (SSN) to a law enforcement officer during an investigation or upon arrest. In many cases, the imposter is cited for a traffic violation or for a misdemeanor violation and is released from the arrest. When the imposter does not appear in court, the judge may issue a bench warrant, but the warrant of arrest will be under the victim's name. The victim may unexpectedly be detained pursuant to a routine traffic stop and then subsequently arrested and taken to county jail (booked) because of the outstanding bench warrant.


Tax Fraud & IRS Audits

Once your personal or business information has been stolen, identity thieves can use this information to file fraudulent tax returns to the IRS and other tax authorities in order to receive credits or refunds. The identity thieves prefer to have the funds distributed by the IRS in the form of a pre-loaded debit card or a direct deposit which helps them avoid having to deal with security measures related to cashing a paper check. After receiving money from the fraudulent filings the identity thieves will disappear, leaving the victim individual or business owner without their refund or with substantial bills owed to the tax authorities.


Financial Loss

Financial ID theft occurs when a thief steals an individual’s personal identity and commits a crime that results in financial injury to the victim. Information can include name, bank account number, credit card numbers, Social Security number, and other personal financial data. It’s the most pervasive type of identity theft today and accounts for about 25% of all identity fraud, impacting millions of Americans every year.


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Identity Theft Action Plan

ID Theft Awareness • Changing Behaviors • Taking Control


Every Thursday
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
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Every Thursday
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  • Develop a personal Virtual Asset Inventory Management™ system
  • Become self-assured experts securing and managing their Identity

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